Managed IT Services - like health care for your online business.

Managed IT Services are a Holistic Approach to Website Performance and Security.

Website Traffic Monitoring & Alerts

Website Traffic Monitoring & Alerts

Your website will be checked every few minutes from different locations around the world.

  • Instant notification during any disruption or service restoration.
  • Receive an alert when your website traffic fluctuates by 75%.

Ups and downs in traffic are part of your website’s rhythm but big changes may indicate an unhealthy website. We review and report on any issues immediately following an alert.

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SEO Increases Targeted Traffic to Your Website.

SEO Subscription Services in Hawaii by Brent.FM

Optimized by Humans

Managed IT Services keep your site healthy and secure, two must-haves for good search results for your keywords.

  • Learn about opportunities for more sales leads.
  • Prioritized efforts to attract targeted traffic.
  • Issues addressed proactively.

Need help putting together advertising campaigns?
Get Your SEO, Ad campaigns AND Traffic “At A Glance” with our easy to read, holistic website health reports. We’ve combined our software with third-party software platforms for measuring and reporting progress.

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Wordpress Core, Theme & Plugin Updates

Know Your Website is Safe From Attack

Curated Theme and Plugin Updates

We proactively scan your website everyday. We monitor and fix website code vulnerabilities as they emerge. We apply these updates before your domain becomes a target.

We analyze your website for:

  • Existing malware.
  • Web server blacklists.
  • Known security vulnerabilities.
  • Management of security log files.

Websites can be black-listed by Google and removed from search results. We maintain a real-time copy of the Google Safe Browsing list (the GSB) and use it to scan all your files, posts, pages and comments for dangerous URL’s. The GSB is constantly changing, so constant scanning of all your content is needed to keep you safe and off Google’s SEO black-list.

Initial setup includes, updating your WordPress Core, themes and plugins to the latest secure versions. We install and configure security plugins and monitor for future intrusions.

Included in Managed Hosting Package  

Monitor your uptime, seo and traffic analytics on any device

Get to Know Your Visitors and Grow Your Business

Custom Business Analytics and Reporting.

We compile and automate reporting so it’s consistent and easy to read. Your seo signals, traffic, social influence and performance details are all provided in an easy to read email report every week. All key factors are included at a glance including any proactive steps we took during the week to keep your site healthy.

We aggregate data from over a dozen sources. No other service provides reporting this in-depth. We create your html report that is viewable on any device with a web browser including; Apple, Microsoft and Android phones, tablets, game consoles, televisions and in-dash web browsers for vehicles.

Included in Managed Hosting Package  

IT Web Server Administration Hawaii by Brent.FM

Know Your Web Pages Load Fast Enough for Google

Server and Custom Website Performance Caching Software Installation.

Page performance is now required by the Google algorithm for good search results. We take a proactive role in your website’s performance. Regardless of how well you rank Google will remove your search results if your website isn’t healthy or your pages load slowly.

We review your site for slow loading pages using the Google Page Speed tool to score your results. We optimize your slow loading pages. To increase speed on your website we install and configure a content delivery network. Once your site is within Google’s Page Speed Guidelines. We monitor your site for health and tune as necessary.

Included in Managed Hosting Package  

Wordpress Theme and Plugin Updates

Nightly Backups

Know We’ve Got Your Backup

Each night we back up your server. All files including your website and database are safely stored on separate servers in two geographical locations. Our software provides for easy retrieval and restoration to mitigate disaster recovery costs.

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Data Management

Data Storage and Management Solutions for Any Size Business

We use a combination of web and data storage services to lower your costs. Data storage or “data warehousing” is provided in larger allocations at a cheaper price. We also have personal plans for your family photos and videos. Data migration services are always available. So there’s only one number to call for any data storage need.

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Affordable, Expert Email Administration & Password Recovery

Compassionate Technical Support

We’re committed to your online awesomeness!

From administering your email to account changes, we’ve got you covered. Once you become a client, we include you in our client briefing emails. We help you move from initial setup to a profitable online presence. We’re compassionate about your online success because the success of our client’s utimately helps define the success of our local digital economies.
Included in Managed Hosting Package  

All work and support is provided locally. We use people-power and proprietary automated solutions to assure your website’s health. It’s a holistic approach to your online business performance and success.